Jay Faires




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Mindy Fox

Hey Jay This is Mindy You are doing a great job! Keep up the good work and I wish you all the success in the world. You come from a very successful family so I know you will do well! Mindy Fox

Cheryl Goode

Hi! I had the pleasure to seeing you play when you were about 12, at Crawdaddy's restaurant in Jensen Beach, FL. I believe you were visiting relatives, and you just got up on stage and started rockin' it. I am going through stuff as we are moving, and came across your name, I guess I had saved it to see if, in hopes that, you succeeded. And you have!!! Great job!!! Keep it up!!!

Shannon Fortney

Great music!!!!

Russell Brummett

Hey Jay Great website. Keep up the good work

Sherry Fix

Still very impressed with you Jay! Keep it up!

Laura Cauble

I'm loving your latest CD. Thanks a bunch! I believe you are now my absolute favorite guitar player. Can hardly wait to see you again next year.


I had a friend give me both of your CDs and he told me that someone else had given them to him but he hadn't listened to them. To be honest they stayed in my car forever but I finally decided to listen to them and I was amazed by how well you played and how well you did Superstition and Little Wing. Keep up the good work! ;)

Russell Brummett

We are very proud of the music you are making Jay!!! Keep up the good work.

kendra wilson

Just seen him Tonight very very talented. Got his CDs love to listen to him. Can't wait to hear him on the radio.


Hey Jay: Me and Kenny playing jukebox last night, but the best music getting us all excited was YOURS!! I mean.....on top of CCR and Stones even. I know....amazing huh? I put your video Live Wire on my Facebook and people loved it and my niece shared it, so its out there running around somewhere. I said "this kid is going somewhere BIG, and you heard it first, right here on Sabrina's Facebook!" ~~~Sabrina

Kathy Davis

Hey Jay! Thoroughly enjoyed the new CD - your passion for music and following your heart has a ripple effect. Our whole family is inspired by you (and your cool parents). We encourage Andrew and Jason in their creative endeavors as well as keeping up our own. Peace and never stop playing! Kathy, Craig, Andrew and Jason

Sherry Fix

AWESOME ! We love the second CD Jay! Well done. Disappear is a HIT!!!! Well written! We love you JAY!

Janet Settle

Great Work! The new CD is just AWESOME! Such nice vocals, a stronger voice on this CD! Love the "Time" number and the Curtis Mayfield song is one of my alltime favorites! You need to add to your "Played with" listing: Bluestone of Tazewell, Virginia and Danny Morgan and The Janitors from Virginia Beach, VA! Your performances here in Abingdon, Virginia for Sarah and NIck's wedding weekend were just a gift! Forever Thanks!


Just creeping through... You know me lol. I'm really impressed. Congrats on ur first album and goodluck on your second! Miss you...

Karen Singer

Keep playing Jay! Can't wait for creative expressions at SAS this year!


"Stand up and be counted For what you are about to receive Jay is the dealer He'll give you everything you need Hail hail to the good times 'Cause rock has got the right of way He ain't no legend, ain't no cause He's just livin' for today Damn Jay you rock, we salute you"


Love listening to your music, Jay. Keep it up!

Paul Horner

Jay, Very cool website! Wishing you the best of luck and much happiness in following your dream. Proud to be able to say "we knew you when..." You are one talented guy!

Tasha Walker

Impressive! Not surprised though - I wouldn't expect any less from such a talented young man. :)

Sarah Rae Strunk

Fabulous music from a talented artist! I can't wait to make it to his next show! Any thoughts of playing Boston?